Press Release

BMG facilitates improved APEC Business Travel Card (ABTC) system


The APEC Business Mobility Group is now looking forward to modifying a system that will assist legitimate business travellers and make their travel more efficient within the Asia-Pacific Region.

In a press interview held after the BMG bilateral meetings at Laguna Hotel in Port Moresby, Assistant Director of the North Asia and APEC Section of the Australian Department of Home Affairs Kimberlee Stamatis explained that the meeting is all about facilitating improvement to the APEC Business Travel Card (ABTC) for legitimate low-risk business travellers.

"By revising the operating framework, it will provide us a foundation for which the Business Mobility Group and the APEC Business Travel Card can operate so that we can strengthen the program and provide more integrity to legitimise the schemes therefore that promotes the program within the APEC region," the BMG meeting chair said.

"APEC Economy has realised that a lot of people have to do legitimate business within the region and sometimes border crises can make that hard."

Stamatis said this is important for the longevity of the program.

According to Lead Shepherd and Policy Officer from the Asia Branch of the Australian Department of Home Affairs Joseph Byrne, there has been strong cooperation and support between the member economies.

"We have seen a couple of changes prepared by the group to strengthen the framework under, which we operate and these changes will help improve and further strengthen the ABTC itself that will prove to be more beneficial for the legitimate business travellers from all APEC economies including Papua New Guinea," said Byrne.