Press Release

Local firm sees hope in APEC


A local firm that supports and markets local artifacts in Papua New Guinea aims to find a market through APEC meetings. The owner and operator of Pacific Primitive Art, Thomas Toyamina and his wife Marjorie from Trobrian Island aim to find a market through APEC meetings for their people back on the Islands.

Pacific Primitive Art is one of many small-scale business entrepreneurs that assist village based Artist's buying and reselling their crafts.

"Our main aim is to find a market for our people back on the Islands," says Mr Toyamina and his wife Marjorie. They are a Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise (MSME) based in Port Moresby, hoping to catch a 'break' during the Senior Official Meeting currently being hosted in Port Moresby.

Since 2002, they have specialized in buying and selling of Art and handcrafts made directly from the Trobriand Islands. Art and craft is paramount in the lives of Trobriand Islanders as it is the direct expression of their identity. The Art produced by the Islanders tell a story of the Islands origins and also showcases their vast carving and designing skills.

Mrs Toyamina further explained that the Islanders have the raw abilities to create hand-crafts from pure ebony wood but in most times no profit is made at all, because the expense of looking for a market is greater than the profit made.

"As far as a permanent office space for operations, we are entirely self-sufficient and run from home," she said.

She added that despite minor setbacks and fluctuating market targets, she has seen a rapid demand for the little pocket sized wooden souvenirs to be in great demand thus helps boost the business.

Mrs Toyamina also agrees that small business exposure is great and the Senior Official' Meetings and related APEC meetings will be a great business opportunity for small businesses.