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Natural Disasters and Climate Change crucial challenges


The world has numerous challenges but none more crucial than Natural Disasters and Climate Change.

The world has numerous challenges but none more crucial than Natural Disasters and Climate Change.

Papua New Guinea’s Transport Minister Wesley Nukundj made the remarks during the Gala Dinner for delegates attending the three-day APEC Climate Symposium.

He said the symposium was very important for each economies within the APEC region to discuss and share some ideas and experiences on how to mitigate when natural disasters such as climate change occur in the region.

“Climate change is complex and frequent dialogue is needed to consider options in the efforts to be resilient and PNG, we are privileged to have some of the international experts in the field of climate science through this APEC Climate Symposium,” said Minister Nukundj.

He said PNG is committed to participate in such forums to learn from experiences being undertaken and the research into the mitigation effects by other APEC Economies and in other parts of the world as well.

“PNG relies on three modes of transportation for accessibilities in the delivery of goods and services to rural populations and in the Transport Sector, we have had experiences associated with damages to transport infrastructures such as roads and bridges, jetties and wharves and aviation facilities due to changing weather patterns,” he said.

Minister Nukundj said the losses inflicted on Transport Infrastructures and the impacts on Agriculture and Food Security and on Mining due to the El-Nino induced dry spell placing real pressure on sustainable development efforts in PNG.

“PNG hosted the Regional Integrated Multi Hazard Early Warning System (RIMES) at our National Weather Service (NWS) facilities in Port Moresby recently and the equipment installed will provide early warnings to Pacific Island countries including Timor Leste and we acknowledge the funding support from the PNG Government and other donor partners such as World Meteorological Organization (WMO), UNESCAP and RIMES India,” said Minister Nukundj.

He added that the outcomes from the symposium will be beneficial to the APEC Economies and the wider global communities through discussions of experts that will be on for three days, August 21st- 23rd.