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Part of our outlook in APEC context is to build capacity: Amb. Pomaleu


APEC has grown to become a dynamic engine of economic growth and one of the most important regional forums in the ASIA-Pacific.

Ambassador Ivan Pomaleu

APEC has grown to become a dynamic engine of economic growth and one of the most important regional forums in the ASIA-Pacific.

It has implemented a wide variety of initiatives to help integrate the region’s economies and promote trade while addressing sustainability and social equity.

Ambassador Ivan Pomaleu, 2018 Chair of APEC Senior Officials’ Meeting explains that part of the outlook in the APEC context is to build capacity.

“We need our institutions to be able to recognize the gaps in the capacity and to look at how those gaps can be dealt with,” said Pomaleu.

A good example of capacity building to bridge the gap was the Intellectual Property Experts Group (IPEG) workshop held during this week that looks at trade infringements and how our border enforcement capabilities will be enhanced.

“That’s important. We always register concerns about counterfeit goods crossing borders and not being detected. The IPEG and particularly the workshop that they are having allows the APEC economies to talk about their experiences to deal with important common issues and challenges that exist in that space and to help us build capacity, he said.

APEC economies continue to face challenges but discussions around capacity building can potentially begin changes and bring development within the region.

The other discussion that contributes to capacity building was the food security week that concerns fisheries.

“One of the bigger issues for us is that our fisheries team is working with other economies to deal with unreported, unregulated fishing practices in the region. They hosted a seminar in Singapore in April and out of that seminar there were some good outcomes that our fisheries team brought to the oceans fisheries working group discussions and it could fit straight into the ministers and leaders statement.

“What it does again in terms of the benefits, it begins to highlight the challenges that our National Fisheries Authority encounters and the key illegal practices that exist.

“We are using the APEC network to try and help address some of the key concerns that can bridge the capacity gaps.

“Building our capacities in these areas will address many of the issues we face,” said Pomaleu.