Press Release

Public Order Management Course


A combined forces exercise will see 15 participants receive certificates as trainers in a Public Order Management Course at the McGregor Special Services Division base here in Port Moresby.

Tactical drill to contain an agitated situation during a sporting event, being trialled at the National Football Stadium as part of the Public Order Management Course run by the AFP here in Port Moresby

The participants will complete activities both in theory and practice strategic tactical methods in handling agitated crowd behaviour in any given situation at public events. Lead Course Instructor Sergeant Gary Hahn of the Australian Federal Police said three disciplinary forces including the St Johns Ambulance and Paramedic Service had been involved in the Trainer of Trainers (ToT) course for the past three weeks.

“This is a build up towards APEC, we are training the trainers and then they train their own. There’s another in February this coming year for the Instructors again and then again they tend to train a number of people in public order management”

He said today’s exercise was to use this facility, the National Football Stadium to use a sporting event with a scenario of supporter violence.

“So I’m just going to show the boys how to deal with a facility like this if we had any threat elements that would cause the security or normal police to be unable to cope with it”

“So we obviously use tactics from Australia and from the UK to handle any events that would involve violence leading to threats”.

He said the participants are doing great “they are really enjoying it, this is actually their 3rd week they are doing very well”.

According to Sgt. Hahn (AFP) the plan is to train 30 instructors, half which have now being trained before the APEC Year (2018).